Promoted students

Supervised PhD students

Now, I supervise two PhD students:

  • Franciszek Krawczyk focuses on the modern history of (self)organization and evaluation of science in Poland.
    Dr. Krystian Szadkowski is an auxiliary PhD supervisor.
  • Sara Rotnicka focuses on the transformation of discourses on science of science in Poland.

PhD and graduate students

  • I was a PhD supervisor of Jakub Krzeski who defended his thesis in 2021 entitled Philosophipcal approach to metrological conflicts in the evlauation of science. [PDF]
    Dr. Krystian Szadkowski was an auxiliary PhD supervisor.
  • I was a PhD supervisor of Ewa A. Rozkosz who defended her thesis in 2018 entitled The evaluation of scientific achievements in the habilitation procedures. The criteria and evaluation practices in social sciences and humanities. [PDF]
  • I was an auxiliary PhD supervisor of Katarzyna Młynek who defended her thesis in 2015 entitled Zagadnienie komunikacji w filozofii Johna Deweya. Prof. Piotr Gutowski was the main PhD supervisor.
  • I have promoted 18 undergraduate students (Fall 2011 – Spring 2012: ten students, Fall 2012 – Spring 2013: six students, Fall 2013 – Spring 2014: two students), 2 master students (since Fall 2017 ).