Running has been a passion of mine for over a decade. I love running in the mountains, but PoznaƄ, where I live, is so flat that street running also plays an important role in my training.

In 2021, my main mountain races were the Ultramarathon in the Izery Mountains (51 km and 1,064 m elevation gain) and the Golden Marathon during the Lower Silesian Mountain Running Festival (45 km and 2,041 m elevation gain).

In 2022, I once again participated in the Lower Silesian Mountain Running Festival; this time, I challenged myself with the Golden Half Marathon (21 km and 1,000 m elevation gain) and managed to exceed my expectations by running faster than anticipated.

In 2023, I ran over 3,100 km but did not compete due to an injury.

In 2024, I opened my running season in Alicante, Spain, on February 18. It was a hilly street half-marathon, and I achieved a new personal best: 1h28min42sek, placing 77th out of 1,259 runners in the open category. In March, I ran in a 10km street race, setting a new personal best: 39min12sec. In May, I ran the Migotka (Gontyniec Ultra Trail, 26km, 700m up), and I finished the run in 5th place (second place in the M40 category).